IMU-KVH1750 Inertial Measurement Unit

The IMU-KVH1750 with NovAtel's GNSS Technology provides a continuous 3D position, velocity and attitude solution.

Manufacturer: NovAtel GPS



The IMU-KVH1750 inertial measurement unit from NovAtel is a highly accurate yet compact inertial sensor. Its low power consumption and compact design allow it to be integrated with existing user applications easily. It is specially designed for the company’s OEM6 series of receivers.

The IMU-KVH1750 combines Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometers with Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG) to offer reliable, stable, and long life performance. Furthermore, its rugged housing allows it to work in tough environment. When it is integrated with the company’s OEM6 receiver, the KVH1750 delivers a tightly coupled GNSS and IMU system to deliver a reliable and stable velocity, attitude, and positioning solution.

NovAtel’s CORRECT technology enables users to configure the accuracy level of the unit – from accuracy of RTK-level to decimeter-level. Moreover, post-processing software such as Inertial Explorer by Waypoint Products Group can be used to process the raw data collected to provide even higher level of accuracy.


  • Reliable and precise

  • Compact and rugged design

  • NovAtel’s CORRECT technology

  • SPAN INS technology

  • 3D positioning

  • Fully compatible with receivers from the OEM6 series

Technical Specifications

Size (D x H):88.9 mm x 73.7 mm

Weight:0.7 kg

Connectors:15-pin Micro-D (power)
15-pin Micro-D (I/O)

Power consumption:8 W (max)

Operating temperature:-40 °C to +75 °C

Humidity:95% non-condensing

Vibration:8 g RMS (operational) and 12 g RMS (non-operational)

Shock:9 g (operational) and 40 g (non-operational)

Accuracy (horizontal):1.2 m RMS (single point L1/L2)
0.6 m RMS (SBAS)
0.4 m (RMS (DGPS)


The IMU-KVH1750 inertial measurement unit from NovAtel is available through GNSSystems. Please send us a message by completing the Request Pricing form if you have any question about this unit.