TerraStar GNSS Correction Services

TerraStar GNSS Correction Services improve accuracy and performance by providing reliable positioning even in difficult environments. They also simplify equipment requirements by eliminating a base station and can be used as the sole source for GNSS hardware and corrections.

Manufacturer: NovAtel GPS


Use TerraStar GNSS Correction Services with NovAtel CORRECT with PPP to provide accurate sub-meter or decimeter positioning across the globe. Three service levels are offered – TerraStar-L, TerraStar-C and TerraStar-C PRO. TerraStar Correction Services offer corresponding solutions for NovAtel CORRECT with either PPP or RTK.

When NovAtel CORRECT with RTK is paired with an RTK ASSIST subscription, users can maintain RTK level accuracy during RTK radio outages, or cellular network connectivity problems. During these times, users will operate in RTK mode through wireless dead spots.

NovAtel’s Applications Engineering team will assist with the integration of users’ TerraStar correction service or RTK ASSIST service. This enables optimized positioning for any application.


TerraStar operates, maintains and controls more than 80 GNSS reference stations across the globe. As seven Geo-stationary communication satellites are used, two beams are always visible from anywhere on earth.

Subscriptions for all TerraStar Correction Services, including TerraStar-L, TerraStar-C, TerraStar-C PRO and RTK ASSIST, are available for airborne and land applications.


Performance                    TerraStar-L                    TerraStar-C                    TerraStar-C PRO
Horizontal Accuracy (RMS):   40 cm                                   4 cm                                      2.5 cm

Vertical Accuracy (RMS):        60 cm                                   6.5 cm                                   5.0 cm​
Convergence Time:               5 min                                    30-45 min                             < 18 min



The TerraStar GNSS Correction Services from NovAtel are available through GNSSystems. If you would like more information about these services, please feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.